The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of APWA is the recognized leader in providing public works education, networking, advocacy and stewardship.

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of APWA advances professional excellence and public understanding through education, advocacy and community stewardship.

Our stakeholders are diverse individuals, groups and organizations with a public or private interest in public works services.  We serve citizens, elected representatives and appointed officials.  We also serve those who are associated with local, state and federal government activities, including consultants and vendors.

Our primary obligation is to APWA and in particular to Chapter members.  However, we also serve stakeholders who are not members of APWA or the Chapter, including employees of member organizations who are not members of the Chapter, and employees of non-member organizations.

The services we provide to our stakeholders include: forums to exchange information; education and training opportunities; enhanced communication through the Chapter newsletter and membership directory; annual meetings and networking opportunities for marketing, contracting, and introducing new technology and equipment.

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